The Election ?

Dear Jerry

I support Mr. Trump in this race for more than one reason. However before I go babbling on and on about why I think that Mr. Trump is better I think I should start by saying what I think about Secretary Clinton. She has been under investigation by the F.B.I. for multiple reasons and multiple times as well. She says one thing and then does another. Her so called Clinton foundation has received money from countries who mistreat woman in ways that she says she is trying to stop. EMAILS or lack there of. She supports the Idea of allowing pregnant woman to abort their babies any time they no longer want them. After that she then says she is in support of helping children and that EVERY child has the right to live. She wants to increase taxes and then she says that in doing so she will help small businesses. When in reality if you increase taxes small businesses will suffer the most from that change. Did I mention the EMAILS?

Now why would I ever support some one whose so called favorite saying is “you’re fired!” as some movie actors would claim. I would support one thousand Donald Trumps before even thinking of thinking of thinking of supporting even half of a Hillary Clinton. The reason for this is because what Mr. Trump is saying actually makes sense. Look at what he is saying if he were to build a wall to add an extra layer of security for the American people. At the same time still allowing Immigrants to enter into our country through a solid process it would work. If you were to lower the taxes you could give people better opportunities to follow their dreams and help those with lower income. Small businesses would thrive and there would be more jobs for everyone who needed them. Now I’m not saying he has a perfect plan I’m just saying that he has a really well thought out plan that if put together properly could in effect MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Also he hasn’t deleted his EMAILS did I already mention that? EMAILS EEEMAAAIIILSSSS.


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