This Election

Hey Jerry!

This year has given us one of the most contentious presidential elections ever, arguably, in the history of our nation. The race between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton has been absurd on so many levels, but the ridiculousness doesn’t end there. Campaigns for the House and Senate have been quite ugly as well. In the midst of all this, the American people must make a decision on who will be the leaders of our country for the years to come.

I personally have found this election very saddening. It should also be an eye-opener to American citizens. Do we really think these candidates will be a good representation of the United States and its people to the rest of the world? Are we able to trust either of them as president? Why are we putting all of our faith in politicians to fix the country’s problems?

Both candidates have very dubious pasts and new reports are constantly adding to the massive sea of lies and deceit. Sadly, this is what we have to choose from. We must be able to thoroughly examine those past encounters. With the media always feeding us conflicting views and remarks it has become extremely hard to tell what is factual. At the same time, we cannot get caught up in the candidates past and ignore their stances and policies on today’s important issues. After all, we do not decide a president solely judging his or her personal history.

As for who I support… Technically, it doesn’t matter who I support since I am not old enough to vote this year, but since this is the topic for this week I will share my opinion. As a Christian, I believe that the most important attribute to look for in a presidential candidate is their stance on the sanctity of human life. With that being said, I personally think Donald Trump is the better option for president. Hillary Clinton is very outspokenly pro-choice and, if she became president, would make sure that abortion is protected and that Planned Parenthood is funded by the government. That is something we cannot allow. That would be millions more babies killed over the course of her term.

In the end, we must realize that these two candidates are sinners just like us. In God’s eyes the sins we commit are just as bad as all the sins they have committed. The best action we can take right now is pray. Pray for our country. Pray for the hearts of the candidates. Pray for all the voters. We cannot put all our faith in politicians to fix our problems because if we do that, we will always be left thinking, “Why can’t they do this?” or “Why didn’t they fix that?” We need to put our trust in Christ because He is in control and He is the one who appoints the leaders of the world. Through all the ugliness of this election we are able to stand firm knowing that the Lord holds the hearts of the rulers.

Hope you enjoyed this long post of politics.




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