Dear Jerry,
so I have to post a selection from my novel this week and I think it fair to give you a heads up that my novel is not great. During the month of November my inner editor is usually locked up or destroyed so you will have to excuse any typos or problems with my grammar.I hope you enjoy my very bad novel Jerry have fun reading.

Wait where am I? I don’t remember how I got here. I remember seeing that guy and… oh no… I think I’ve been kidnapped. I look around but I don’t see anything all I see is black. My hands feel like they are bound together with something. I wriggle my wrists and something scratchy digs into them. I think its rope. I have a gag in my mouth. I wriggle but my legs are bound together. My back is pressed against something cold and metal or maybe it’s dry wall I don’t know and I cant tell. I’m disoriented and my breathing is coming in rapid gasps. I just need to take a second to calm down and breath but the darkness seems to be closing in around me.I close my eyes, take a deep breath and refocus. I wriggle my hands again and realize that my wrists were sloppily bound the rope comes right off. Once I get the rope off I untie the rope binding my legs together. I stand, stretch out my stiff joints and take the gag out of my mouth. I slide my hands against the hard wall until I find a corner of the room. I slide my hands until I find the light switch and flip it on. I’m in a bight room filled with furniture. It seems almost like a bedroom but I don’t take enough time to get a good look. I exit the room silently and swiftly.

Well that was the beginning of my novel I hope you enjoyed it Jerry, until next time. Your bud



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