Because you probably haven’t read enough on the election..

Dear Jerry,

I am so sorry that I have not been writing you, lately the Marks’ house has been a mess to say the least. Anyway, my topic today is the election. Even though I am not legal to vote yet I would have voted for  Mr. Donald Trump. One of my biggest problems with the world we  live in today Jerry is that people kill little babies and call it something other than murder, when in fact murder is just what it is. Secretary Clinton wanted to make the law so that mothers could abort the baby at 8 months. To me that is appalling that people are actually okay with that, I mean the baby is totally functional by then. When a woman was trying to have a baby and is happy, people are always saying “congratulations on the baby!” and such, but when the woman gets pregnant on accident suddenly the term baby is changed to “fetus” and it’s okay to murder it. Now I understand that fetus is the scientific term but I just don’t think it is edifying to call a human being a fetus. I could go on and on about my stand on abortion but I will limit myself to that small rant. My point in all of that was that is why I would vote for Mr. Trump, he is pro-life and to me that is one of the most important things to look for in a candidate. I believe that in order to honor God in who we vote for, life is very important in Gods eyes, He loves His people. We should protect that. Mr. Trump also has a strong Christian as his Vice President. This is important because he may be able to talk Mr. Trump out of immoral decions and what not. Apparently in the last month Mr. Trump has accepted Christ, maybe that is why his last few speeches were more humble. If he did that is fantastic, if not, him and Mr.Pence will have a long four years together so maybe God will work in his heart.

Anyway Jerry, that’s all I’m gonna say on that topic. Until next time my little reptile friend.



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