Dear Jerry,
sorry my post is late Ive been pretty sick lately. But now that I am finally getting to write to you I have to tell you that this presidential election has been pretty crazy. There has been a lot of action going on with this election. I don’t think that either of the candidates were great choices to be our next president but out of the two candidates I think Donald Trump is the better choice. I’m not old enough to vote yet (barely missed it) but if I could vote I would have voted for him. I think that he is a better choice for many reasons. One of the big reasons I think this, is because Donald Trump is a business man and as much as people do not like to admit it America runs like a business. There are many things wrong with America and some of those things have to do with business issues like our national debt. I also agree with some of Trumps big policies. I like parts of his policies on immigration, gun control and abortion. I also like the fact that Trumps vice president Mike Pence is a christian. I think that it is great that Trump is a second amendment supporter and that’s another reason i would vote for him. This presidential election has caused lots of stress and anxiety for lots of people. I think that this election was one of the most important elections ever. I think it was important for a lot of reasons but a main one would be the fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have such strong opposing views. I am violently opposed to some of Hillary Clinton’s policies and views so that is another reason I would have voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Your bud


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