Start of my Novel

Dear Jerry, 

Here is a snippet of my novel that I would like to share with you. See if you can guess what my story line is 😉 


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl born to loving parents. This little girl’s name was Ella, most of you may know her as Cinderella. Most of you also know her as a sweet, loving, carefree girl because that is the only way the story has been told, that is about to change. 

Let me begin our story from the moment I met Ella, seems fitting. I met Ella not long after her mother passed, because her dad had grown rather fond of my mother. After a few short months, my my sister and I were devastated when we heard that our mother was going to marry Ella’s father. Because it did not take long for us to despise that girl. Her happiness disgusted me. Her smile is angering. And her positive outlook on everything is nauseating. Not to mention she’s really pretty so obviously I’m going to hate her. My first words to her were. I walked up to the doorstep of our new house and Ella was standing there waiting to greet us, it looked like she was talking to herself. “Strange girl” it thought to myself. 

“Hello!’ She greeted with a smile.

“Ahh. Ella so good to see you dear, where’s your father?” Mother said as she held out her hand waiting for help out of the carriage. 

Ella curtsied. I rolled my eyes in disgust at her, trying to kiss up already. As my Drizella and I walked past Ella into the large brick house, the little peasant curtsied to us as well. 

“Hm.” replied with my heads tilted upward, ignoring her being disgustingly polite. 

We walked inside and Ella’s father met us at the bottom of the stairwell, he gave us each a kiss on the hand. 

Mother had given us stern talking to on our ride over. We were to walk in, roam around every room to find ours, and leave. We wanted Ella’s room. It was the biggest, and obviously Drizella and I would be sharing a room, none of us wanted to stay with that peasant. 


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