Blog #5 Nanowrimo

Dear Jerry, as you know this month is November. Why is this important? When people think of November they think cool wheather, pumpkins, and Thnksgiving. But for one room studens that meas Nanowrimo. Some cheer and others cry. Why? Because this is the month we write a novel.

So in honor National Novel Writing Month this blog contains some of my story.

Before you read my excerpt I’ll tell you what my story is about.

McKenzie Smith is your average teenager. Nothing too exciting has happened in her life this far. But all that changes when she goes to college. After going to a party with some friends McKenzie feels sick and steps outside for some air. Then her world is turned upside down when a man dressed in black puts a gun to her back and whispers in her ear, “Don’t make this difficult.”

So my story is told from the perspective of McKenzie, but I’m also thinking about having some of the chapters be told form the perspective of McKenzie’s captor.

Now that you have got some context and background, please, enjoy.


I’m pretty sure that my family is “that family.” We are the definition of cliché. A mom, a dad, a daughter, and son. Oh and don’t forget the dog. I mean come on we even have the stereotypical names. My dads name is Bob (for heaves sake who actually name there kid bob.) My moms name is sally, and my brothers name is Timmy. Oh and don’t forget the dogs name Rover. With how things are looking you would think that my name is Lucy or Mary, I’m so sorry to disappoint you but no my name is McKenzie. A big whoop whoop to strange parents and strange rules! Sorry I only meant to put strange in front of those…. ha ha uhhum.  Alright let me explain.  When my parents first got married they made a deal with my grandparents that they could name their fist child. PSA: I will not be making this deal with my parents. My luck my daughters name would be Sarah or my sons name would be Fred. Trust me I’ll pass.  Anyway when my mother found out she was pregnant with her first child, yours truly, she kept to her word and let her parents pick the name. McKenzie Joan Smith that’s my name. (Yup. My last name is Smith. Stop laughing.) Thank you grandma for not naming Jane Doe.


Well that’s  that! I know it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world but that’s what you get. I wish I could’ve shown you a creepier part but in order to do that it kind of needs to be written first…..

Well I hope you enjoyed this tiny piece of my story.

Until next time,



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