The first last fight

Jared : Is that the best you got dude?

( Jared then Jumped towards Dr. Dichotomy. As Jared neared his target Dr. Dichotomy parried the attack sending Jared off in a different direction. Jared hit the ground and face planted into the concrete underneath him. Jared Got back up slowly then he picked up a nearby car and threw it at Dr. Dichotomy. This was just a distraction. After he threw the car he jumped into the air and cocked his arm back preparing to punch Dichotomy. Dr. Dichotomy repelled that car like Jared had expected. When this happened Jared threw his fist forward at his target. Jared successfully hit his target knocking Dichotomy down to the ground. Jared was about to land a final blow on Dichotomy when he was thrown into a building because Dichotomy threw a polarity pulse at him. Jared started to get up when he saw a robot standing in front of him with a gun trained on him. Jared opened his mouth and as he did this the robot opened fire and began shooting Jared with every single bullet in the guns magazine. After the weapon stopped firing due to all the ammunition being wasted Jared looked at the robot with an angry face. )

Jared : My turn son.

( Jared took the robot by the arm slammed it into a nearby wall and reached inside of it and grabbed it’s core with should be powerful enough to destroy a tank no problem. Jared stuffed it under his shirt and right when he was about to jump back to battle three more robots entered the room that he was in and began to attack Jared. Jared ducked underneath one robots punch and hit it in the side before jumping into the air and punching the head off of another robot. Then Jared grabbed one robot and slammed it into the other and returned to the fight outside. Jared leaped out of the hole that he created from his entry into the building and headed towards Dr. Dichotomy. Jared Tackled Dichotomy out of the air and they landed in a crater that was created from Dichotomy’s powers. Jared released his grasp on Dichotomy before punching him. When Jared punched Dichotomy they were both effected and they flew back in opposite directions from each other. Jared got up from his crater and started sprinting towards Dr. Dichotomy. As Jared sprinted Dichotomy got himself up from where he landed. As Jared reached Dichotomy He started punching him. Dichotomy created a shield made of polarity. Jared was pounding on the shield of polarity that Dichotomy was using to deflect Jared’s attacks. Dichotomy then created a pulse blast of polarity that gave him the upper hand sending Jared flying backwards. Jared skidded against the ground before getting back up and started heading towards Dichotomy again. Dichotomy however tried to use his powers to send Jared flying back again but Jared wasn’t just going to be thrown around like a rag doll. Jared dug his feet into the ground and kept moving forward. Jared did slow down however and he was definitely struggling to move forward. jared kept getting closer and closer until Dichotomy finally getting smart got rid of the piece of land that Jared was using to his advantage. Dichotomy then held Jared there in the air and started pulling Jared apart. Jared with pain on his face just looked at Dichotomy with a look of pure glee. )

Jared : Come on man do this with your hands get all up close and personal I know you have to have some sort of vendetta against me.

( Dichotomy Got right in front of Jared and pout his left and on Jared’s throat. )

Dr. Dichotomy : You’re right Jared I am the one who kills you, or should I say Invinsalad.

Jared : Yeah I’ve heard that name before and you know what I kinda like it. ( Jared grabs Dichotomy’s hands and breaks his wrists. Jared then pulls Dichotomy towards him ) Is that all you got.

( Jared grabs Dichotomy by the shirt and shoves the robotic core in Dichotomy’s mouth. Then Jared pulled the plug keeping the core form exploding and jumped into the air. Jared soared threw the air towards space and even began to fly. Jared began to spin but before he could throw Dichotomy into the outer atmosphere Dichotomy gave off one last polarity pulse sending Jared into the outer atmosphere and leaving Dichotomy to fall back to the ground but not before exploding in mid air. Jared looked down at Earth as he floated away into the distance of space. )

Jared : Bye Martha ( his voice trails off as he begins to freeze over in spaced he closes his eyes as he floats farther and farther away from earth. )

( The scene cuts to Martha looking up at the sky with a caption at the bottom of the screen stating ONE YEAR LATER. The camera begins to pan up and starts moving farther and farther away from Martha as it rises to the sky and into space with one final look at Jared frozen in space still floating. )

Martha’s Narration : The world changed in three weeks and it changed again when the hero that saved the world from an enemy to powerful for any normal human being to face disappeared without a trace. I know that Hero His Name Was And Always Will Be Jared Ivan The Real Invinsalad.



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