#7 New Years Resolutions

Even though we are already one month into the new year a lot has happened. One of the biggest things I would like to mention is that America officially has its 45th President in office. (And yes little liberals he is your president no matter how many times you say he isn’t.)

Instead of talking about the president or unhappy people I’m going to talk about some of my “new year resolutions.”

The only one I truly planned out is my “52 book reading challenge.”

This is so self-explanatory but I’ll elaborate for the sake of the required word count. All I’ve done is made fun categories to help me pick unique books to read this year like,

Read a book with an ugly cover-

Read a book with a one word title-

Read a book of my choice-

Read a book recommended by a family member-

read a book written by a female author-

read a book published in 2017-


You get the picture.

I’m actually really excited to see what kind of fun and interesting books I can find this year. Also I would really appreciate any book recommendations from you guys.

As I said before I didn’t really make any other resolutions and I think because firstly I really didn’t think about it and secondly because I really want to try to actually complete this goal.

This wasn’t the most exciting blog but thanks for reading it anyways.

Until next time,

Rebekah Bergquist




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