Marvel or DC?

Dear Jerry,
First things first I want to tell you that as I sit her writing this blog post I have a pig in my arms… No it is not a stuffed animal, I have a real live breathing pig and he is sleeping on my arm. His name is Tobias (Tobi for short) and he is one out of the six pigs that we now own. He is really adorable, but I won’t get carried away talking about him, I just thought I would mention him to you. Now let me focus… This week’s blog topic is somewhat of a hot topic in One Room. It comes up very often and everyone has their own (usually very strong) opinions about it. As you have probably observed we one roomers love to argue about stuff (especially tuna sandwiches) but one of our favorite things to argue about is whether DC comics or Marvel is better. My opinion on the matter is pretty clear… I like both of them equally. I don’t have a favorite, it all depends on my mood, sometimes I’m in the mood for marvel and sometimes I’m in the mood for DC. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about comics so I don’t think I can really choose a favorite until I learn more about them. People are always telling me I have to choose a side and that I can’t have both, to that I answer, “Who says?” I don’t have a favorite but I do have a preference. I like the differences between DC and Marvel. I like how marvel has a great diversity in superheroes and I like how DC has very clever story plots. I am not a diehard comic fan but I do love Marvel and DC. My preference is usually Marvel but like I said I don’t have a favorite and it all depends on what my mood is. So that’s my stance, I don’t have a favorite and I refuse to pick a favorite until I know more about them. I will say that my preference is Marvel because I like the diversity in superheroes and I mean hello any comic that has a dude that shoots a bow and arrow automatically has my vote. Alright Jerry it’s been a real nice chat but I have more school to do so I will talk to you later. Your bud


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