Mortal combat!

Ok so to start this off I’d like to say that marvel would not have half it’s characters if D.C. didn’t exist. Now I know a lot of people are going to be rising up in anger towards this statement but hear me out. For example take a look at Iron man, Black panther, and the punisher. All of those guys are very similar to batman. there is also moon knight but I don’t know enough about him to make a comparison. There that is already three of some of the most well known marvel characters and that’s not all. Sentry, Thor, Hyperion, Superior, and Miracleman. All of these “marvel” characters bare a seemingly impeccable resemblance to The very first superhero created Superman. Weird right I think it is. Even the iconic x-men character wolverine wasn’t an original idea. Yeah surprise surprise marvel took the exact look of another character and just changed a couple of things to make it their own. Seriously just look up Timberwolf D.C. you’ll find a shocking resemblance to wolverine. That all being said marvel does have some original characters like spiderman and I think the lizard. But really Would marvel even have half of their comic book characters today if it was’t for D.C. coming up with the ideas first. Deadpool is also a copy cat character. Hawkeye, Quick silver, heck even the guardians of the galaxy are based off of the D.C. superhero team called the legion of superheroes a group of heroes that exist in the 30 and 31st century. And this is what really aggravates me about people saying marvel is better than D.C. when almost the entire avengers team is basically just weird looking D.C. characters. I mean seriously hulk = martian manhunter, Thor = Superman, Iron man = Batman, Hawk eye = Green arrow, quick silver = Flash. And the funny thing is you could just keep going on and on and on. So my question is this can Marvel really be better than D.C. when they lack such things as creativity? Not saying that they suck or anything just saying maybe if marvel came up with some Ideas that don’t come from D.C. then they really would be better than D.C. However until that happens D.C. will remain my top choice for superherodom even over my ideas.

Sincerely Adam Gillispie, Batman enthusiast.


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