Marvel vs. DC

Dear Jerry, 

    There comes a time in the course of human history one must answer the question: Which is better, Marvel or DC? This topic has been disputed for years. Countless debates on this issue occur whenever the idea of superheroes comes up. Die hard fans on both sides rant for hours trying to prove their side to be the better one. This answer-less question is among the greats of controversial subjects such as Dogs or Cats, Apple or Samsung or Star Trek or Star Wars. This never stops people from trying to beat other opposing views into submission. This entire topic is opinionated, so it is impossible to answer. Instead, we just get to argue about it.

    The most reasonable way to dispute this topic would be to simply talk about the characters. The problem with this is that DC fans will almost always say, “DC characters are more original; thus, making them better.” Yes, it’s true, many Marvel characters were made after DC’s and resemble them as well. But you also must remember that DC started five years before Marvel. The creators of Marvel saw that comic books were going to make money so they decided to enter into that field. They saw what worked and ran with it. It’s a good example of competition on the market. Of course, some characters are going to be similar since DC started first and basically was the “model” for the heroes. Also, in many cases the characters just look the same and have similar roles, but the writing and character development are different. Saying that DC is better than Marvel simply because it’s more “original” is like saying Ford is better than Chevrolet solely because it came first. Once Marvel and DC both became popular, both companies “copied” ideas from each other. 

    Even though DC fans may pull out their “original” card, I still believe that characters are the main way to decide which of the two is better. No matter who came first, if the storyline is not good, the character is usually not good. Just like the example I gave with Ford and Chevrolet, it doesn’t matter if a car was made first or not; what people really want is a good, working car. I personally like Marvel more. I think that the characters and the way the comics are written have a special touch to them that make them great. Stan Lee wrote almost all of the popular Marvel comics, that’s probably why. But in today’s day and age, many people don’t focus on the comics because we now have the movies. Let’s face it, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on a whole other level than DC’s. When you think of superheroe movies you think of Captain America, Iron Man and The Avengers. More recently, Marvel has taken many lesser known superheroes and have given them their own film. Marvel has taken advantage of the silver screen incredibly well and rarely dissapoints.

   In the end, this entire topic is based on one’s opinion. If you like Marvel, that’s great. If you like DC, awesome. It’s not like you’re prohibited from liking both either. I, for instance, think DC’s Batman is an amazing character with great depth. I also love Marvel’s Captian America and think he’s the greatest. Superheroes are cool; if they weren’t, this blog post wouldn’t exist. We should enjoy them for what they are and be happy we have them.

Until next time,





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