Bio terrorism

So I was taking a look at a few different things I found interest in while on the internet and the topic that caught my eye the most was the subject of Bio Terrorism. But first what is Bio Terrorism? Well the best short answer I can give in a few short words would be Terrorism centered around chemical attacks. Now why is this a big deal? Well just imagine if some one were to weaponize an already deadly chemical to use against the american people. Would we be ready for such a thing? Bill Gates doesn’t seem to think so. He actually believes that if America were to be attacked by Bio Terrorism that wouldn’t be ready for it. Is he right? That’s a really good question and to be honest I’m not sure. I guess it really all depends on how serious the attack was. If it were as small as possible such as an isolated incident than we could prepare for it happening again some day.On the other hand vaccines are quite hard to machined it would take a considerably long amount of time before we could make a successful vaccine. And because it would take as long as it does the enemy attacking would have more and more time to attack us using those chemicals. Now that doesn’t sound very fun at all. So what’s the solution? Is there one? Yes, yes there is. What is it? We start making vaccines and treatments now before there can be an attack. but how do you do this? Well there are such things as beta tests. what do I mean by this? I mean test the vaccines out on lab rats and other lab animals such as a dog or cat maybe even a goat or two. Now this doesn’t garnet success but it is a start and until the day the first chemical attack comes we’ll just have to wait and see. no one can see the future we just have to trust that it’s there for a reason and keep moving forward.


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