Current Event

Dear Jerry, 

We’re going to take a dive into a current event today. When I hear those two words, I can’t help but think of President Trump. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has that problem. Seeing as the chances you’ll hear every news channel reporting something related to him is astronomically high, it’s pretty simple to have this predicament. You would think that when I am assigned to blog about a current event, I’d choose one that has nothing to do with President Trump. There you’d be wrong. That’s exactly what I am blogging about. Apparently I can’t escape the craze the media has with him and every breath he takes either. 

On Tuesday, President Trump will make his first address to a Joint Session Congress. Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that Trump will push a “bold agenda” in his biggest speech since his inauguration. Spicer also said that he will touch on “public safety, including defense, increased border security, taking care of our veterans, and then economic opportunity, including education and job training, health care reform, jobs, takes and regulatory reform” in the highly anticipated speech. If the fact that he is speaking isn’t controversial enough already, it certainly will be now. Trump’s goals of the speech are said to strike a balance on the challenges ahead as well as reflecting a tone that focuses on the American spirit. 

Such a speech seems reasonable and expected. Although, judging by the way people have reacted so far to Trump’s young presidency, it is garunteed to be contentious. I wouldn’t be surprised if several congressman disrupt the speech at some point because they disagree with something Trump says. Regardless on whether or not you agree or disagree with him, he is our president; the least you can do is listen to him. You can oppose his stances all you want, but at least respect his position. Either way, the speech, and the response to it is going to be interesting. Sorry about adding to the noise with more Trump-mania.

Until next time



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