Bah Humbug: Part II

 Disclaimer: This post, along with several others soon to come, was mostly written around the holiday season and never got uploaded. What’s my excuse, you may be wondering? Mostly procrastination: a.k.a the bane of every student’s existence. But nearly five months later, I’m back from the dead and ready to make my last year blogging count for something…. I guess. I may be a chronic procrastinator, but I hate leaving things unfinished. So, prepare your notifications for these very relevant topics that will be discussed in the next few weeks.




Remember the post I made about Christmas music last year? Well, I’m here to report that Christmas 2k16 left my opinion quite unchanged.

No one is surprised by this.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I will not be rambling about my opinion on Christmas music that no one cares about. Instead this will be on the topic of every materialistic person’s favorite part about Christmas: presents.

All throughout the holiday season, the media continuously tries to convince us that there is no better feeling than receiving presents on Christmas Day. While finally getting a long-desired gift can be an exciting moment, the initial joy fades away rather quickly as our envious minds find other objects to desire. This holiday season was the year I finally came to understand that giving gifts to others elicits a far more meaningful impact on one’s soul than simply receiving them.


Christmas 2016 crept up on me unexpectedly fast. The realization of its existence didn’t really sink in until less than two weeks prior. Realizing the predicament I was in, I frantically searched various stores for things that could at least pass as gifts. But as many of us know too well, shopping for others can be surprisingly difficult. So, I did what all creatively-inclined cheapskates do and descended into the all-consuming void of Pinterest for inspiration.

After much digging, I finally decided on a few easy but practical projects to challenge myself with. And I’m proud to say that I did succeed in making most of my gifts this year, despite my chronic procrastination fighting me every step of the way. Among these creations include light-up constellation decor for college friends and a sketchbook I made entirely by hand.

Making one’s own gifts is incredibly satisfying. Readers, if you have a strong desire to find deeper meanings in over-commercialized holidays, I would highly suggest making gifts for the important people in your life. True, it can be fun shopping for presents. But in my experience, it is much more satisfying to create something unique with your own hands – even if it’s something as simple as a card. It’s a great way to expand your creativity and build confidence in your own abilities. Plus, the result is a one-of-a-kind gift that your friends are guaranteed to appreciate.

Until next time Jerry,


-Hannah: Procrastinator Supreme

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