How I spend my time.

How do I spend my time? Well to be honest, I spend my time writing and thinking and drawing and all other sorts of things. Right now I’m spending the majority of my writing time writing a script that I am affectionately calling Star Of The Show. Or if so desired it could also be called S.O.T.S. I’m just kidding that’s completely made up. along with writing the Script for Star of the show I am also in the process of writing a Television Series for some of my other characters. Along with all of that I still have a decent job cutting lawns for people and I’m working on becoming more frequent with my youtube channel. Basically I’m trying to sculpt a future worth living by using my imagination. Sometimes writing isn’t the easiest thing in the world but there is always a way to continue on in the story and maybe even surprise yourself. Which you know if you can surprise yourself then that’s a good thing, it means that the audience probably won’t see it coming either. And trying to stick to an overall story is probably key to a great story, the more there is to digest the more people want to know what’s next. And beyond just writing I’m back in school, in case you hadn’t noticed by the start of my return to writing to you. Huh I guess that still exists in the realm of writing doesn’t it? Well in that case, all the things that I am doing physically besides sports is writing. Speaking of sports the basket ball team is going to be quite small this year, but everyone can always make do with the cards they have been dealt. Well that seems as if that is everything going on as of this moment, I can’t wait till next week when I get to write you again.

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