How I spend my time.

How do I spend my time? Well to be honest, I spend my time writing and thinking and drawing and all other sorts of things. Right now I’m spending the majority of my writing time writing a script that I am affectionately calling Star Of The Show. Or if so desired it could also be called S.O.T.S. I’m just kidding that’s completely made up. along with writing the Script for Star of the show I am also in the process of writing a Television Series for some of my other characters. Along with all of that I still have a decent job cutting lawns for people and I’m working on becoming more frequent with my youtube channel. Basically I’m trying to sculpt a future worth living by using my imagination. Sometimes writing isn’t the easiest thing in the world but there is always a way to continue on in the story and maybe even surprise yourself. Which you know if you can surprise yourself then that’s a good thing, it means that the audience probably won’t see it coming either. And trying to stick to an overall story is probably key to a great story, the more there is to digest the more people want to know what’s next. And beyond just writing I’m back in school, in case you hadn’t noticed by the start of my return to writing to you. Huh I guess that still exists in the realm of writing doesn’t it? Well in that case, all the things that I am doing physically besides sports is writing. Speaking of sports the basket ball team is going to be quite small this year, but everyone can always make do with the cards they have been dealt. Well that seems as if that is everything going on as of this moment, I can’t wait till next week when I get to write you again.

My time in D.C.

Why hello there Jerry. I might as well tell you all about what I thought the trip to D.C. this year was like. It was better than last years kind of. you see we missed the Lincoln monument and I’d really like to run up and down the steps of that place again. Yes I know that’s not everything that matters there. I just really want to do it again. Now on the plus side we did get to go to the spy museum. That was fun, the simulation could have been better but I’m not gonna get all up in a bunch just to talk about what could be better about it. The snow ball fight was fun and funny. I mean it was enjoyable and to watch Mrs Barley school Caroline in a snowball fight was priceless. Building our Anorexic unicorn snow pig was fun and memorable. I still think we need to create a movement to back that up. It would have been really cool to meet the president but we didn’t, maybe next year. Spending time with people that I could actually talk to was definitely a good part of the trip. There was also thankfully less whining and less gift shop shopping. The flight simulators were so much fun. Me and Stephen got Ace on the flight simulator so that was an accomplishment. There was of corse some stuff I didn’t enjoy. The holocaust museum was harder than last time. And the long periods in the cold windy outdoors. Yeah that was probably the most physically stressful part of the trip. And of corse I got home sick. Just like last time we were in D.C. towards the end I just wanted to go home. Maybe it’s the bed I miss, I don’t know. So all in all I enjoyed the trip more than I did last year but I still had that Home sick feeling throughout the trip. Maybe next year it will be better. Who really knows.

Bio terrorism

So I was taking a look at a few different things I found interest in while on the internet and the topic that caught my eye the most was the subject of Bio Terrorism. But first what is Bio Terrorism? Well the best short answer I can give in a few short words would be Terrorism centered around chemical attacks. Now why is this a big deal? Well just imagine if some one were to weaponize an already deadly chemical to use against the american people. Would we be ready for such a thing? Bill Gates doesn’t seem to think so. He actually believes that if America were to be attacked by Bio Terrorism that wouldn’t be ready for it. Is he right? That’s a really good question and to be honest I’m not sure. I guess it really all depends on how serious the attack was. If it were as small as possible such as an isolated incident than we could prepare for it happening again some day.On the other hand vaccines are quite hard to machined it would take a considerably long amount of time before we could make a successful vaccine. And because it would take as long as it does the enemy attacking would have more and more time to attack us using those chemicals. Now that doesn’t sound very fun at all. So what’s the solution? Is there one? Yes, yes there is. What is it? We start making vaccines and treatments now before there can be an attack. but how do you do this? Well there are such things as beta tests. what do I mean by this? I mean test the vaccines out on lab rats and other lab animals such as a dog or cat maybe even a goat or two. Now this doesn’t garnet success but it is a start and until the day the first chemical attack comes we’ll just have to wait and see. no one can see the future we just have to trust that it’s there for a reason and keep moving forward.

Mortal combat!

Ok so to start this off I’d like to say that marvel would not have half it’s characters if D.C. didn’t exist. Now I know a lot of people are going to be rising up in anger towards this statement but hear me out. For example take a look at Iron man, Black panther, and the punisher. All of those guys are very similar to batman. there is also moon knight but I don’t know enough about him to make a comparison. There that is already three of some of the most well known marvel characters and that’s not all. Sentry, Thor, Hyperion, Superior, and Miracleman. All of these “marvel” characters bare a seemingly impeccable resemblance to The very first superhero created Superman. Weird right I think it is. Even the iconic x-men character wolverine wasn’t an original idea. Yeah surprise surprise marvel took the exact look of another character and just changed a couple of things to make it their own. Seriously just look up Timberwolf D.C. you’ll find a shocking resemblance to wolverine. That all being said marvel does have some original characters like spiderman and I think the lizard. But really Would marvel even have half of their comic book characters today if it was’t for D.C. coming up with the ideas first. Deadpool is also a copy cat character. Hawkeye, Quick silver, heck even the guardians of the galaxy are based off of the D.C. superhero team called the legion of superheroes a group of heroes that exist in the 30 and 31st century. And this is what really aggravates me about people saying marvel is better than D.C. when almost the entire avengers team is basically just weird looking D.C. characters. I mean seriously hulk = martian manhunter, Thor = Superman, Iron man = Batman, Hawk eye = Green arrow, quick silver = Flash. And the funny thing is you could just keep going on and on and on. So my question is this can Marvel really be better than D.C. when they lack such things as creativity? Not saying that they suck or anything just saying maybe if marvel came up with some Ideas that don’t come from D.C. then they really would be better than D.C. However until that happens D.C. will remain my top choice for superherodom even over my ideas.

Sincerely Adam Gillispie, Batman enthusiast.

The first last fight

Jared : Is that the best you got dude?

( Jared then Jumped towards Dr. Dichotomy. As Jared neared his target Dr. Dichotomy parried the attack sending Jared off in a different direction. Jared hit the ground and face planted into the concrete underneath him. Jared Got back up slowly then he picked up a nearby car and threw it at Dr. Dichotomy. This was just a distraction. After he threw the car he jumped into the air and cocked his arm back preparing to punch Dichotomy. Dr. Dichotomy repelled that car like Jared had expected. When this happened Jared threw his fist forward at his target. Jared successfully hit his target knocking Dichotomy down to the ground. Jared was about to land a final blow on Dichotomy when he was thrown into a building because Dichotomy threw a polarity pulse at him. Jared started to get up when he saw a robot standing in front of him with a gun trained on him. Jared opened his mouth and as he did this the robot opened fire and began shooting Jared with every single bullet in the guns magazine. After the weapon stopped firing due to all the ammunition being wasted Jared looked at the robot with an angry face. )

Jared : My turn son.

( Jared took the robot by the arm slammed it into a nearby wall and reached inside of it and grabbed it’s core with should be powerful enough to destroy a tank no problem. Jared stuffed it under his shirt and right when he was about to jump back to battle three more robots entered the room that he was in and began to attack Jared. Jared ducked underneath one robots punch and hit it in the side before jumping into the air and punching the head off of another robot. Then Jared grabbed one robot and slammed it into the other and returned to the fight outside. Jared leaped out of the hole that he created from his entry into the building and headed towards Dr. Dichotomy. Jared Tackled Dichotomy out of the air and they landed in a crater that was created from Dichotomy’s powers. Jared released his grasp on Dichotomy before punching him. When Jared punched Dichotomy they were both effected and they flew back in opposite directions from each other. Jared got up from his crater and started sprinting towards Dr. Dichotomy. As Jared sprinted Dichotomy got himself up from where he landed. As Jared reached Dichotomy He started punching him. Dichotomy created a shield made of polarity. Jared was pounding on the shield of polarity that Dichotomy was using to deflect Jared’s attacks. Dichotomy then created a pulse blast of polarity that gave him the upper hand sending Jared flying backwards. Jared skidded against the ground before getting back up and started heading towards Dichotomy again. Dichotomy however tried to use his powers to send Jared flying back again but Jared wasn’t just going to be thrown around like a rag doll. Jared dug his feet into the ground and kept moving forward. Jared did slow down however and he was definitely struggling to move forward. jared kept getting closer and closer until Dichotomy finally getting smart got rid of the piece of land that Jared was using to his advantage. Dichotomy then held Jared there in the air and started pulling Jared apart. Jared with pain on his face just looked at Dichotomy with a look of pure glee. )

Jared : Come on man do this with your hands get all up close and personal I know you have to have some sort of vendetta against me.

( Dichotomy Got right in front of Jared and pout his left and on Jared’s throat. )

Dr. Dichotomy : You’re right Jared I am the one who kills you, or should I say Invinsalad.

Jared : Yeah I’ve heard that name before and you know what I kinda like it. ( Jared grabs Dichotomy’s hands and breaks his wrists. Jared then pulls Dichotomy towards him ) Is that all you got.

( Jared grabs Dichotomy by the shirt and shoves the robotic core in Dichotomy’s mouth. Then Jared pulled the plug keeping the core form exploding and jumped into the air. Jared soared threw the air towards space and even began to fly. Jared began to spin but before he could throw Dichotomy into the outer atmosphere Dichotomy gave off one last polarity pulse sending Jared into the outer atmosphere and leaving Dichotomy to fall back to the ground but not before exploding in mid air. Jared looked down at Earth as he floated away into the distance of space. )

Jared : Bye Martha ( his voice trails off as he begins to freeze over in spaced he closes his eyes as he floats farther and farther away from earth. )

( The scene cuts to Martha looking up at the sky with a caption at the bottom of the screen stating ONE YEAR LATER. The camera begins to pan up and starts moving farther and farther away from Martha as it rises to the sky and into space with one final look at Jared frozen in space still floating. )

Martha’s Narration : The world changed in three weeks and it changed again when the hero that saved the world from an enemy to powerful for any normal human being to face disappeared without a trace. I know that Hero His Name Was And Always Will Be Jared Ivan The Real Invinsalad.


The Election ?

Dear Jerry

I support Mr. Trump in this race for more than one reason. However before I go babbling on and on about why I think that Mr. Trump is better I think I should start by saying what I think about Secretary Clinton. She has been under investigation by the F.B.I. for multiple reasons and multiple times as well. She says one thing and then does another. Her so called Clinton foundation has received money from countries who mistreat woman in ways that she says she is trying to stop. EMAILS or lack there of. She supports the Idea of allowing pregnant woman to abort their babies any time they no longer want them. After that she then says she is in support of helping children and that EVERY child has the right to live. She wants to increase taxes and then she says that in doing so she will help small businesses. When in reality if you increase taxes small businesses will suffer the most from that change. Did I mention the EMAILS?

Now why would I ever support some one whose so called favorite saying is “you’re fired!” as some movie actors would claim. I would support one thousand Donald Trumps before even thinking of thinking of thinking of supporting even half of a Hillary Clinton. The reason for this is because what Mr. Trump is saying actually makes sense. Look at what he is saying if he were to build a wall to add an extra layer of security for the American people. At the same time still allowing Immigrants to enter into our country through a solid process it would work. If you were to lower the taxes you could give people better opportunities to follow their dreams and help those with lower income. Small businesses would thrive and there would be more jobs for everyone who needed them. Now I’m not saying he has a perfect plan I’m just saying that he has a really well thought out plan that if put together properly could in effect MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Also he hasn’t deleted his EMAILS did I already mention that? EMAILS EEEMAAAIIILSSSS.

There’s 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it . . .

Hey there Jerry sorry for the late update on my life but I’ve been a bit preoccupied for the last week or so. Now the question for this week is what I do with my spare time outside of school. So what do I do? Well there’s a lot to talk about if you really want to know. However instead of me explaining everything I’ll just give you some basic outline towards what I do during my spare time.

To start off I’ll say I like to use basic objects and run them into props for some stuff I’ve got planned in the near future. Like I took some water bottles and spray painted them black and then I took a rag got it wet with some silver spray paint and then I rubbed it against the bottle to give it a sci fi look. I also made a few lightsaber props for a youtube series I’m planning. I have also been pouring hours of my weeks into a high school halloween party on October thirty first trying to invite people while also planning out what events will be done during the party time. Along with all of that I am also trying to start my own lawn service business. I am writing some scripts for some movies that I will be making soon I occasionally draw more perspective than other things. I’m writing songs for a band that I would like to get put together. I am just overwhelming myself with things that I both have to do and want to do. By no means is this easy in any way and yet I still have the strange ability to juggle all of this without getting super stressed out over life it’s self. And the funny thing is that I don’t think any of that stuff is what keeps me up at night I think it’s something else and I might just know what it is . . .

Hello there Jerry

Hello there Jerry I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. Here we are another school year and by the looks of it it’s gonna be a great year too. There’s not much to talk about yet but don’t worry I’ll figure out something. So I’m supposed to tell you all about me, me, me. And I’m not really sure what to talk about. How about my goal for this year. Alright well It’s pretty simple in fact. All That I want to do this year is dedicate myself to my school work and avoid goofing off. I would also like to stick up for the little guys whomever that may be in any situation. I know it sounds pretty cliche but I want to accomplish something this year besides being apart of a play that the whole school pulls off successfully. Well that’s pretty much it so for now this is Adam Gillispie Signing Off Boom!

Job hunting

So no one knows this yet but I am starting to look for a Job. Nothing to big or to small. Something part time to get me by on my gasoline. Now I’ve got a plan but I need a job in order to pay for that plan. The plan includes lightsabers, ( custom made by me ) A camera and youtube. See I need some money to start this youtube thing. And in order to get money I need a Small job to pay for it. After the video kicks off I can sit back and wait for youtube to pay me. Simple, right? Wrong it takes a lot of time to choreograph a sword fight and come up with something that pleases audiences. Which is just another reason why I need a Job for a while. The Job would provide me enough money to make the time for this plan of mine. Now what does any of that matter. Well it’s a dream of mine that if been trying to make work out for the past two years. However no matter what I do something always comes up mainly because I didn’t have the right amounts of money necessary to do it. So why would I be telling you that well I’m telling you this because I would like your help. If you have any suggestions on what Jobs I could apply for comment on what they are. And before you ask yourself have you even thought about places you could apply for yes I have. I have thought about applying at several places some of which are in the restaurant business and others not so much. And I’m not eighteen yet which prevents me from joining Bonvera yet but when the time comes you can bet that I’ll join up the very day I turn eighteen. Well that’s all for today let me know bout any job possibilities that you think I could pul off.

See you next time A.M.G.

The Giver

I really don’t care who you are this is a good book to read if you are from the age of ten and up. This book centers around finding the hidden truth about whats going on in the country that you live in. and then you find out that your country has a lot of dirty secrets and only you know what is going on and you don’t want to involve any one else because you don’t want to get them hurt. But then you wind up getting the girl you have a crush on involved and she gets kidnapped and the best thing for you to do to protect her is to get yourself out of there so that they know she’s telling the truth when she says she doesn’t know where you are. You know average stuff right we’ve all been there before.

So why is this good well if the government bans a book from being able to read it in school it’s either one of two things its either the scarlet letter or it’s a good book to read. I mean why would the government ban a book if it wasn’t going to do anything to start an uprising against it. Unless this book actually could show people how corrupt the government that they thought was so great actually was. you know what let’s just move on how about we talk about what this book is such a good read. Well in my opinion this book is a good read because the amount of description is just right in this book it doesn’t just gloss over the description of buildings but it doesn’t go in to three pages of description to describe the building. And besides that it’s got a good storyline and this is one of the few good book to movie type of movies that i’ve seen. So I mean over all I would just recommend reading this book and if you get the chance read the whole series it doesn’t stop with just The Giver.