A book recommendation

Dear Jerry, 

This week I’m gonna be giving you a book reccomendation, assuming you can read that is. 

One book that I really like is When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy.  This book was a huge help for me and I’m sure would be for young girls wanting a relationship. It is written by a husband and wife that both waited for God to bring them together rather than just going around dating and being heartbroken. They are funny, kind of cheesy but it is not a boring read, they tell their stories and take turns writing. Every chapter they go back and forth so it keeps the book interesting, hearing each side of the story, while learning about letting God take over. 

I for sure reccomend this book to young women. I have already read it twice and learn more from it every time. 


Start of my Novel

Dear Jerry, 

Here is a snippet of my novel that I would like to share with you. See if you can guess what my story line is 😉 


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl born to loving parents. This little girl’s name was Ella, most of you may know her as Cinderella. Most of you also know her as a sweet, loving, carefree girl because that is the only way the story has been told, that is about to change. 

Let me begin our story from the moment I met Ella, seems fitting. I met Ella not long after her mother passed, because her dad had grown rather fond of my mother. After a few short months, my my sister and I were devastated when we heard that our mother was going to marry Ella’s father. Because it did not take long for us to despise that girl. Her happiness disgusted me. Her smile is angering. And her positive outlook on everything is nauseating. Not to mention she’s really pretty so obviously I’m going to hate her. My first words to her were. I walked up to the doorstep of our new house and Ella was standing there waiting to greet us, it looked like she was talking to herself. “Strange girl” it thought to myself. 

“Hello!’ She greeted with a smile.

“Ahh. Ella so good to see you dear, where’s your father?” Mother said as she held out her hand waiting for help out of the carriage. 

Ella curtsied. I rolled my eyes in disgust at her, trying to kiss up already. As my Drizella and I walked past Ella into the large brick house, the little peasant curtsied to us as well. 

“Hm.” replied with my heads tilted upward, ignoring her being disgustingly polite. 

We walked inside and Ella’s father met us at the bottom of the stairwell, he gave us each a kiss on the hand. 

Mother had given us stern talking to on our ride over. We were to walk in, roam around every room to find ours, and leave. We wanted Ella’s room. It was the biggest, and obviously Drizella and I would be sharing a room, none of us wanted to stay with that peasant. 

Because you probably haven’t read enough on the election..

Dear Jerry,

I am so sorry that I have not been writing you, lately the Marks’ house has been a mess to say the least. Anyway, my topic today is the election. Even though I am not legal to vote yet I would have voted for  Mr. Donald Trump. One of my biggest problems with the world we  live in today Jerry is that people kill little babies and call it something other than murder, when in fact murder is just what it is. Secretary Clinton wanted to make the law so that mothers could abort the baby at 8 months. To me that is appalling that people are actually okay with that, I mean the baby is totally functional by then. When a woman was trying to have a baby and is happy, people are always saying “congratulations on the baby!” and such, but when the woman gets pregnant on accident suddenly the term baby is changed to “fetus” and it’s okay to murder it. Now I understand that fetus is the scientific term but I just don’t think it is edifying to call a human being a fetus. I could go on and on about my stand on abortion but I will limit myself to that small rant. My point in all of that was that is why I would vote for Mr. Trump, he is pro-life and to me that is one of the most important things to look for in a candidate. I believe that in order to honor God in who we vote for, life is very important in Gods eyes, He loves His people. We should protect that. Mr. Trump also has a strong Christian as his Vice President. This is important because he may be able to talk Mr. Trump out of immoral decions and what not. Apparently in the last month Mr. Trump has accepted Christ, maybe that is why his last few speeches were more humble. If he did that is fantastic, if not, him and Mr.Pence will have a long four years together so maybe God will work in his heart.

Anyway Jerry, that’s all I’m gonna say on that topic. Until next time my little reptile friend.


My(a’s) Life

Dear Jerry,

Today I will be telling you about what I do in my free time, when I have it.

I am usually doing school but when I have time I relax. I am not really into reading so I prefer to watch tv with some friends and junk food, whether that be at the movie theatre or at one of my friends houses in our onesies. The movies we watch are actually normally tv shows like Criminal Minds or Forensic Files, ya know the norm for teenage girls.  Also a teenager can NEVER get enough sleep, especially this teenager, so if I have time I take naps, or sleep in late. I could sleep whenever, wherever… it’s a gift I have, I am just always tired.  Soon basketball will be starting and I will be using my free time for the opposite of sleeping, working out and training. Although it sucks in the moment, it makes being on the court a heck of a lot easier. I work Tuesday nights, and sometimes up to four days a week. I babysit for a family at the church with two sweet boys, Keanu and Kekoa. I love working there but needless to say the late night makes it hard to get up for school the next day. Again, I love sleep. Lately i have been going to my brothers band Rise Beyond band practice which is really fun, I enjoy their music. Plus the band members are my friends so it is fun to hang out there too.

Well Jerry I hope this caught you up on my life as of right now.


Dear Jerry,

I’m back, but not for long. I’m a senior! I’m sure you remember me, but for the new readers out there I guess I’ll introduce myself…well also because it was assigned.  My name is Mya and I’m a senior at One Room Learning. I have been going to One Room since day one. I grew up in Michigan but moved to Cape Coral about ten years ago. I love to ride and train horses, I have been doing that for about ten years as well. I also play basketball for the Lady Ambassadors, this will be my sixth season on the team and I’m excited to see what my last year is going to a be like. My favorite subject in school is probably science. My least favorite is math…I despise math. Although grammar can be right up there with math sometimes. My favorite foods are bacon, pizza, and spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream, with like the chunks of peanut butter…..so good. My favorite superhero is Batman, and hats also my nickname.

Well these are a few things about me, until next time!


Missing Engine Cover Calls for an Emergency Landing

Dear Jerry,
Here is one of the many things that is happening i the world right now.
On Sunday afternoon a Delta flight 762 going to Chicago from Atlanta had a little more than slight turbulence. At 28,ooo feet the cabin lights came on due to turbulence. The passengers looking out the window had a rude awakening when they looked out and saw the cowling, the piece that covers the engine, was off. Due to the bad turbulence the piece of the plane had ripped off, the loose piece seems to have struck part of the fuselage, according to pictures. The pilot then told the 109 passengers aboard the Boeing 717 that they were to have an emergency landing. The plane landed safely in Nashville and all of the passengers and crew walked away uninjured. Delta has mad many gestures of apology to the passengers and they are currently investigating what went wrong.
I hate turbulence. I personally just do not like flying in general, so this article made me not want to fly even more. The thought of being that high in the air and only being supported by two engines is terrifying, not to mention once the plane starts going out of control and it feels like you’re falling out of the sky…no thanks. I can just imagine how the person that noticed the piece was missing tustve felt, or how everyone else felt when the pilot announces an emergency landing. I bet even the crew was a bit nervous. Anyway, I don’t know who you feel about flying Jerry, but I do not like flying and this story made me not want to all the more.


A Book I Recommend

Dear Jerry,

Today I’m going to write to you about a book that I read a few years back. The book series is called “Golden Filly” and the author’s name is  Lauraine Snelling. I got the series in two larger books, but its most common in the many small books that the story was written in. This book is about a college aged girl who trains young horses for the racetrack. Trish, the main character, loves her family, but she’s particullarly fond of her dad. When tragedy strikes the family, Trish is forced to fall on the Lord and rely on Him and not her dad. Through many trials, later in the series she becomes pretty successful in the horse racing industry.

I love this book series because it’s not your typical cheesy Christian novel, yet it’s not your typical worldly  novel either. By typical cheesy Christian novel I mean totally unrealistic, and that they have no issues and their life is perfect when they become a Christian. This book shows that you still have trials, maybe even more, when you’re a christian than not. Trish has her moments of unbelief and wants to give up, that why I loved this story line so much…it’s realistic and not too far fetched. It is mature enough for people my age and also an easy enough to read for kids in middle school. I was 13 when I first read these books and I read the whole series within a few days. This book was even beneficial for me because the lesson is to lean on God in everything. The book has drama, love, and humor. Typically I don’t like reading horse novels because they are either really off track or they are just predicted story lines. Lauraine Snelling writes the story to where you never want to stop reading, to where you NEED to know what happens in the next chapter.

If you’re into horse books, read this one!

Your favorite One Roomer,

Mya ;p