Washington D.C.

Oh Jerry, the only thing I would change about the D.C. trip would be buying an extra plane ticket for you. You should have seen it! All of the laughs, sights, and adventures. I can’t bring myself to choose “one favorite part” because, let’s face it, who can actually pick a favorite for anything.

I’m just going to list a few of the memorable things that occurred (in no particular order.)

First off, as much as we love the kindles, getting to see Miss Sarah in person is always awesome.

I SAW SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME! IT was amazing! It was cold (duh) and fun to play in. Definitely fun to play in, but I would wouldn’t want to live in it. One of the best days with snow was a day that wasn’t supposed to happen. Because of the snow storm, Stella, our flight was delayed. so we had an extra day to do whatever we wanted. So what was on that to-do list? A snowball fight in the mall of course. That was fun.

One of my favorite parts of that snowball fights happened like this:

After apparently failing at building a snowman, the northerners started to instruct the Floridians bow to construct the proper snowman. So as I was trying to make the body to my snowman, Caroline asks me, “Rebekah, do you have your camera around your neck?” I was very concentrated  on making my snowman’s base so I replied, “No. Why?” “Just because I didn’t want it to get wet.” I knew something was up but I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. Out of no where I find myself pinned against the ground. Caroline tackled me. It was really funny.

Speaking of Caroline, it was her 18th birthday! Mrs. Barley surprised her with unicorn cupcakes. They were delicious and adorable.

This next story  had the whole girl’s room laughing for a solid five minuets.

Miss Sarah is on her phone reading an email from the airport. She reads it intently assuming it’s something serious that might have happened with the flight. But instead of letting everyone know what’s up, she just starts laughing. The email was letting Mr. Bergquist know that their departure was delayed by one minute. At the end of the email it stated “sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.”  They were supposed to leave at 6:00, instead they were inconvenienced to leave at 6:01.

I could keep going on and on and on about the trip but I better stop.

Until next Jerry



#7 New Years Resolutions

Even though we are already one month into the new year a lot has happened. One of the biggest things I would like to mention is that America officially has its 45th President in office. (And yes little liberals he is your president no matter how many times you say he isn’t.)

Instead of talking about the president or unhappy people I’m going to talk about some of my “new year resolutions.”

The only one I truly planned out is my “52 book reading challenge.”

This is so self-explanatory but I’ll elaborate for the sake of the required word count. All I’ve done is made fun categories to help me pick unique books to read this year like,

Read a book with an ugly cover-

Read a book with a one word title-

Read a book of my choice-

Read a book recommended by a family member-

read a book written by a female author-

read a book published in 2017-


You get the picture.

I’m actually really excited to see what kind of fun and interesting books I can find this year. Also I would really appreciate any book recommendations from you guys.

As I said before I didn’t really make any other resolutions and I think because firstly I really didn’t think about it and secondly because I really want to try to actually complete this goal.

This wasn’t the most exciting blog but thanks for reading it anyways.

Until next time,

Rebekah Bergquist



Blog #5 Nanowrimo

Dear Jerry, as you know this month is November. Why is this important? When people think of November they think cool wheather, pumpkins, and Thnksgiving. But for one room studens that meas Nanowrimo. Some cheer and others cry. Why? Because this is the month we write a novel.

So in honor National Novel Writing Month this blog contains some of my story.

Before you read my excerpt I’ll tell you what my story is about.

McKenzie Smith is your average teenager. Nothing too exciting has happened in her life this far. But all that changes when she goes to college. After going to a party with some friends McKenzie feels sick and steps outside for some air. Then her world is turned upside down when a man dressed in black puts a gun to her back and whispers in her ear, “Don’t make this difficult.”

So my story is told from the perspective of McKenzie, but I’m also thinking about having some of the chapters be told form the perspective of McKenzie’s captor.

Now that you have got some context and background, please, enjoy.


I’m pretty sure that my family is “that family.” We are the definition of cliché. A mom, a dad, a daughter, and son. Oh and don’t forget the dog. I mean come on we even have the stereotypical names. My dads name is Bob (for heaves sake who actually name there kid bob.) My moms name is sally, and my brothers name is Timmy. Oh and don’t forget the dogs name Rover. With how things are looking you would think that my name is Lucy or Mary, I’m so sorry to disappoint you but no my name is McKenzie. A big whoop whoop to strange parents and strange rules! Sorry I only meant to put strange in front of those…. ha ha uhhum.  Alright let me explain.  When my parents first got married they made a deal with my grandparents that they could name their fist child. PSA: I will not be making this deal with my parents. My luck my daughters name would be Sarah or my sons name would be Fred. Trust me I’ll pass.  Anyway when my mother found out she was pregnant with her first child, yours truly, she kept to her word and let her parents pick the name. McKenzie Joan Smith that’s my name. (Yup. My last name is Smith. Stop laughing.) Thank you grandma for not naming Jane Doe.


Well that’s  that! I know it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world but that’s what you get. I wish I could’ve shown you a creepier part but in order to do that it kind of needs to be written first…..

Well I hope you enjoyed this tiny piece of my story.

Until next time,



Hey Jerry! So tomorrow the world finds out who the next president of the United States will be. Ugh.  This entire election has been a mess, and the candidates we’ve been left to choose from are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ugh.

I’m only fifteen years old, so on the voting side of things my opinion doesn’t change  anything. But if I could vote I would vote for Donald Trump.

I think that he is the wiser choice out of the two candidates. There are many reasons I think that he’s the better choice but I’m only going to focous on abortion.

The definition of abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. In other words abortion is killing an unborn human baby.

One of the biggest things I look for in a leader, especially a president, is how they preserve life. This includes what there take is on abortion. One reason (out of many) why I cant (if I could) vote for Hillary is because she supports abortion. She thinks that a baby in the womb has no constitutional rights whatsoever.

How a person could vote for someone that thinks killing babies is ok is beyond me.

there are definetly more reasons why I wouldntvote for Hillary but I honestly just want this election, along with its drama, to be over with.

So Jerry I geuss until tomorrow we wait.

Until next time



The Interview

Hey there Jerry!
As you know, the election is upon us. In only three days One-Room will hold its presidential debate between Caroline Barley and Stephen Bergquist. So for this weeks blog I am interviewing presidential candidate, Mr. Stephen Bergquist.
I will be asking questions concerning some of One-Rooms issues.

Hello Mr. Bergquist. How are you doing tonight?

I am very well. How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. Just want to start by saying thank you for your willingness to be here.

The pleasure is mine.

Let’s begin with our questions. In the past three years of attending One-Room, what,in your opinion, has been an ongoing issue?

I feel like One-Room students are suffering from short break times. Many aren’t even able to finish their food let alone get it in the microwave. Even if we were to increase break time by five minutes, that short amount would give students the extra time that they need to prepare their food.

There has been a lot of talk about Math Mammoth in the class. What is your take on it?

I took math mammoth last year and it had its ups and downs. I can relate to those who are opposed to it.

In this case do you think majority rules or that the teachers should continue with the curriculum? 

I believe that the teacher have the overall say in the matter but at the sane time they should take into consideration what the students have to say about the curriculum. For instance, if many of the students taking the curriculum feel like they are not preforming as well as they could or are struggling with the curriculum, the teachers should reconsider using that curriculum.

Because we are running out of time, I have one more question for you. Are you ready for this weeks debate? 

Yes. I am entering this week confident that my running mate and I will preform well in the debate.

Thank you for your time. 

^the end^

Well that’s that’s Jerry. I personally have a lot more to say about Math Mammoth (so does Julia…) in particularity but that’s another blog for another day.

Until next time, VP candidate Rebekah





Hello Internet

Hello everyone! It finally happened, I’m of age. I now must write on “the blog.” Throughout my years of one room I’ve heard the moans, sighs, and horror stories that have come from the word “blog.” No joke. Just say the word in class and fear is struck in the souls of the high schoolers. I have hope because there has been survivors, the graduated seniors. Yes, they may have survived but the affect of the blog seems to be permanent. Personally I am quite excited to be able to express thoughts, feelings, and assignments on the internet, but we’ll see how long this feeling lasts.

At this point I still need almost two-hundred words so let me tell you what happened during break…

It all started because the Bergquist kids brought tuna for lunch. So we take it to the kitchen and proceed to make the tuna. We opened the can, drained the juice, dumped tuna in the bowl, added mayonnaise, stired  it up, put it on bread, and ta-da! Tuna sandwich. Astonished by what just occurred Caroline says in a loud voice, “what are you doing?!?!?” Confused Stephen replied, “making a tuna sandwich.” disgusted Caroline proceeds to say, “You did it the wrong way.” Stephen, quite flabbergasted at the fact that someone thought he did something wrong replied, “how are you supposed to do it the .” Caroline then proudly declares what she thinks is the correct way to make a tuna sandwich. “First you toast the bread. Then take your bread, put the mayonnaise on the bread, then put the tuna on the bread. Boom! You have the perfect tuna sandwich.” Stephen being quite confused, disgusted, and (probably) offended strongly told Caroline, “What?!?!?” They continue to jokingly (but not really) argue about how the “proper” way to make the sandwich is, they bring it back to the classroom.

Seeing that neither one of them will succeed atconvince the other, they take it to our fellow class mates. Mya, Stephanie, and myself agreed with Stephen’s theory that you mix your tuna and mayo separately, leaving Caroline by herself in her opinion.

Overhearing the conversation Miss Grace, being the wonderful teacher she is, wants to help. They both prepose their thought process and leave miss grace to decide. She, like everyone else (in the entire world), agreed with Stephen, leaving Caroline,again with zero followers. The argument continued but then was hindered by the time which read 11:35.

That is the end of the story. For now. Because neither competitor  will except defeat.

Well the end of that story brings me to the end of my first blog.

Goobye internet! Until next time😝