What I Like To Do in my Free Time And Why.

Dear Jerry,

As you know, I have a fairly wide interest range and as such, there are several things that I like to do in my free time that are very different than the other things and seem very disconected. My top three favorite things to do in my free time are:  Read a book, any book, shoot my air-guns or practice hatchet throwing on an old tree stump, and listen to music while I work on redecorating my room.

There have been several times that I have gotten strange looks when I told people that I like to read in my free time. They cock their head and look at me strangely and ask why in the world I would rather read when I could play video games (even though we only have a Wii). The answer to that question is simple to me but incomprehensible to the people (usually kids) who ask me that question. I say the same thing every time. “I like to read.” When they hear that, they just can’t imagine why I love to read so much. (I suspect that they never learned to appreciate a good book and spent most of their time playing video games).

The second way I like to spend my free time is shooting one of my several air-guns. I have been shooting for awhile now and I have become quite good at it. When people hear about this, they almost never have trouble understanding why I enjoy this activity. I have nine guns and my collection is slowly growing. This activity is enjoyable for me because I set up several cans around my house at different heights and different sizes. I go through my custom course and try to knock them all down while running, walking, crouching or lying down. I also enjoy battles with my friends. They might be painful but they are really fun. We have done MILSIM (Military Simulation) stealth, sniper and demolition modes. I enjoy them all.

Lastly, I enjoy spending time in my room listening to music on my green Beats headphones while I am redecorating my room. I change the stuff that is on my shelves fairly frequently. This is one of the things that I do when I am stressed or tired. It is soothing for me. It might sound weird that I enjoy essentially cleaning and redecorating my room, but, It works for me.

My tastes in free time activities are rather different, but I always have fun doing them.



Maid of honor

Dear Jerry,
This past summer my favorite sister (and my only sister) Stephanie, got married. When they first got engaged, I was only 14 years old, (they were engaged for over two years) and I was sad because I had always thought I would be her maid of honor, and 14 is too young to be one. I quickly got over it and just decided to be happy that I was even going to be in the wedding.
When the wedding planning finally got under way, Stephanie started looking at dates for the big day. When she finally nailed it down, she told us it was going to be the summer of 2013. Now at the time, it was only 2011. I quickly started thinking about it, and realized that by the time the day was finally here, I would be almost 17. I didn’t say anything to her because I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, or make her feel like I had to be. Then a few months later after my 15th birthday she sent me a present and the tag said “Maid of Honor”. I was so excited, but I quickly realized the responsibility.
Time flew quickly and soon enough it was time for me to start trying to plan the shower. Steph and I sat down and she told me everything she wanted, and I went from there. My mom was a lot of help of course, because I was still only 16, and had never done that before. The theme was Tiffany & Co. We had a banner made, made the games, found decorations, made chocolate covered pretzels for favors, bought game prizes, and much more. All of that was done with the help of my mom, and awesome aunts. Soon enough all of that was done, and the day was quickly approaching.
When it was finally here we were all so excited, the day could not have been more perfect. Most everything ran smoothly, and the sun was out and shinning for the ceremony. We had fun dancing all night long, and taking many funny pictures in the photo booth.
Being the maid of honor was stressful at times, but was so much fun, and it was such an honor. I have the best sister ever, and she never even turned into birdezilla! One day when I get married, she will be my maid of honor too.




My Favorite Fiction Book(s) And Why I love Them

Dear Jerry,


Ever since I first learned to read, I have been reading books like a maniac. One of my favorite pastimes had been reading. I loved to read anything from magazines to novels and mysteries to thrillers. My parents (very wisely) withheld any and all handheld electronic devices until I was eleven and even then I was only allowed to have a small iPod Nano. Our family first got a video game console last year at Christmas. We got a (used) Nintendo Wii. It was our first leap into the video game world and even then the Wii was already laughably outdated. Even though I am now a staunch fan of anything Call Of Duty, I still enjoy reading much more than any video games. I am a much better person because of my parents decision to withhold video games until we all had developed a love for reading. I am now fifteen, and I thank my parents for letting me develop a love of reading before a love of video games.

My favorite fiction book(s) ever are the Restoration series by Terri Blackstock. All her works of fiction have strong spiritual themes. The first book of the Restoration Series is called Last Light. These four books tell the story of the Branning family in Alabama. The Brannings are a wealthy family that live in an upscale neighborhood in the suburbs of Alabama. They have several kids and one of them was just about to be married. The wedding had to be called off by the occurrence of the Pulses. The Pulses were caused by a giant supernova of a huge star. The supernova generates several ElectroMagnetic Pulses many times every second and they have knocked out every instrument or device that runs on Silicone computer chips. Factories, power plants, water treatment plants, cars, trucks, generators, cell phones, iPods and everything else that contains a silicone chip are knocked out until the Pulses stop. The Brannings have to deal with several kids and they work through their physical and spiritual troubles without all of the modern comforts that they had grown used to. The situation is augmented by a thief and murderer who is robbing and killing the residents of their once peaceful neighborhood. The story is full of suspense and doubles as a good spiritual book and a mystery/thriller. This book is a must read book for teenagers and adults.

Sincerely yours,


Ivy May <3

Dear Jerry,
When I was a little girl I always wanted a horse. I was completely obsessed. By the time I was eight, my parents decided to let me start taking lessons. I was sooo excited to finally be getting on a horse, and not just a little pony that you can ride at carnivals and fairs. I remember telling my trainer “I have waited my WHOLE life for this,” and looking back now, I think it’s funny because I was only eight. Little did I know, that was the start of an amazing journey for me.
Jumping forward, in 2007, after a lot of hard work around the barn, my parents decided that I could get a horse. We looked for while with my trainer, and finally she found me a 3 year old, mare (girl), quarter horse paint. Now, normally you wouldn’t buy a horse so young for a little girl, but there was just something different about this one. She was so calm and was learning so fast. Before I new it, I was the proud owner of a beautiful horse named Ivy.
My trainer and I got started on training her right away, and before we new it she was the perfect horse for me, and we went on to win many shows together. When I got her, I didn’t know how much I could love an animal, and how she would turn out being one of my best friends. The cool thing is, is that we got to grow up together. When I bought her I was 11 and she was 3, now she is 9 and I’m 17.
Then, almost 4 years ago we moved down here to Florida, and I had to leave her for a year until we could get her down here by trailer. Let’s just say that was a hard year for me. But in the end it all worked out and now she is down here with me and we are living happily ever after as best friends. I trust that horse more than I would trust myself, and I can’t imagine my life without her. 🙂