The first last fight

Jared : Is that the best you got dude?

( Jared then Jumped towards Dr. Dichotomy. As Jared neared his target Dr. Dichotomy parried the attack sending Jared off in a different direction. Jared hit the ground and face planted into the concrete underneath him. Jared Got back up slowly then he picked up a nearby car and threw it at Dr. Dichotomy. This was just a distraction. After he threw the car he jumped into the air and cocked his arm back preparing to punch Dichotomy. Dr. Dichotomy repelled that car like Jared had expected. When this happened Jared threw his fist forward at his target. Jared successfully hit his target knocking Dichotomy down to the ground. Jared was about to land a final blow on Dichotomy when he was thrown into a building because Dichotomy threw a polarity pulse at him. Jared started to get up when he saw a robot standing in front of him with a gun trained on him. Jared opened his mouth and as he did this the robot opened fire and began shooting Jared with every single bullet in the guns magazine. After the weapon stopped firing due to all the ammunition being wasted Jared looked at the robot with an angry face. )

Jared : My turn son.

( Jared took the robot by the arm slammed it into a nearby wall and reached inside of it and grabbed it’s core with should be powerful enough to destroy a tank no problem. Jared stuffed it under his shirt and right when he was about to jump back to battle three more robots entered the room that he was in and began to attack Jared. Jared ducked underneath one robots punch and hit it in the side before jumping into the air and punching the head off of another robot. Then Jared grabbed one robot and slammed it into the other and returned to the fight outside. Jared leaped out of the hole that he created from his entry into the building and headed towards Dr. Dichotomy. Jared Tackled Dichotomy out of the air and they landed in a crater that was created from Dichotomy’s powers. Jared released his grasp on Dichotomy before punching him. When Jared punched Dichotomy they were both effected and they flew back in opposite directions from each other. Jared got up from his crater and started sprinting towards Dr. Dichotomy. As Jared sprinted Dichotomy got himself up from where he landed. As Jared reached Dichotomy He started punching him. Dichotomy created a shield made of polarity. Jared was pounding on the shield of polarity that Dichotomy was using to deflect Jared’s attacks. Dichotomy then created a pulse blast of polarity that gave him the upper hand sending Jared flying backwards. Jared skidded against the ground before getting back up and started heading towards Dichotomy again. Dichotomy however tried to use his powers to send Jared flying back again but Jared wasn’t just going to be thrown around like a rag doll. Jared dug his feet into the ground and kept moving forward. Jared did slow down however and he was definitely struggling to move forward. jared kept getting closer and closer until Dichotomy finally getting smart got rid of the piece of land that Jared was using to his advantage. Dichotomy then held Jared there in the air and started pulling Jared apart. Jared with pain on his face just looked at Dichotomy with a look of pure glee. )

Jared : Come on man do this with your hands get all up close and personal I know you have to have some sort of vendetta against me.

( Dichotomy Got right in front of Jared and pout his left and on Jared’s throat. )

Dr. Dichotomy : You’re right Jared I am the one who kills you, or should I say Invinsalad.

Jared : Yeah I’ve heard that name before and you know what I kinda like it. ( Jared grabs Dichotomy’s hands and breaks his wrists. Jared then pulls Dichotomy towards him ) Is that all you got.

( Jared grabs Dichotomy by the shirt and shoves the robotic core in Dichotomy’s mouth. Then Jared pulled the plug keeping the core form exploding and jumped into the air. Jared soared threw the air towards space and even began to fly. Jared began to spin but before he could throw Dichotomy into the outer atmosphere Dichotomy gave off one last polarity pulse sending Jared into the outer atmosphere and leaving Dichotomy to fall back to the ground but not before exploding in mid air. Jared looked down at Earth as he floated away into the distance of space. )

Jared : Bye Martha ( his voice trails off as he begins to freeze over in spaced he closes his eyes as he floats farther and farther away from earth. )

( The scene cuts to Martha looking up at the sky with a caption at the bottom of the screen stating ONE YEAR LATER. The camera begins to pan up and starts moving farther and farther away from Martha as it rises to the sky and into space with one final look at Jared frozen in space still floating. )

Martha’s Narration : The world changed in three weeks and it changed again when the hero that saved the world from an enemy to powerful for any normal human being to face disappeared without a trace. I know that Hero His Name Was And Always Will Be Jared Ivan The Real Invinsalad.


Blog #5

Hey Jerry!

With November coming to a close, National Novel Writing Month closes as well. For many, this is a time of great celebration. Some rejoicing because they finished their novel, others praising the fact that it’s over. As for me and my novel, let’s just say it’s not done. My story this year is not completely drawn out. All I know was that my main character ends up at a galactic space academy. He does not want to be there whatsoever, so he tries his best to get kicked out. Unfortunately, things don’t end up going as planned.

So, in honor of NaNo (and it coming to an end), here is an excerpt from my novel.

I let out a sigh as I stood in front of the academy. Alright, I thought to myself all I have to do is make a fool of myself, get kicked out and go back to my normal, daily life. Never have I wanted to screw up as bad as I do right now. I almost feel guilty. But think of all the work and responsibilities I’ll have if I actually try.
The classroom’s door read Tri-setular Astrophysics. I laugh quietly to myself. Failing this may be easier than I thought. I entered the classroom expecting the professor to be in the middle of his lecture. Instead, I stood gazing at an empty classroom. I looked at my watch. Class should have started twenty-five minutes ago. There was a large clock hanging on the wall behind the podium where the professor would stand. The clock read 8:10. “What?” I said in disbelief, “Can’t be.” I checked my watch again. Of course… it was broken. “This is just great.” I started to think of a way to still be late. Oh, I know. I’ll just go get something to eat and then come back in when I originally wanted to. I headed back towards the entrance and opened the door to find Professor Johnson standing right in front of me. “Well good morning! I’m happy to see you here prompt and early.”

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed it and are intrigued to find out what happens next even though I don’t really know what happens.


Blog #5 Nanowrimo

Dear Jerry, as you know this month is November. Why is this important? When people think of November they think cool wheather, pumpkins, and Thnksgiving. But for one room studens that meas Nanowrimo. Some cheer and others cry. Why? Because this is the month we write a novel.

So in honor National Novel Writing Month this blog contains some of my story.

Before you read my excerpt I’ll tell you what my story is about.

McKenzie Smith is your average teenager. Nothing too exciting has happened in her life this far. But all that changes when she goes to college. After going to a party with some friends McKenzie feels sick and steps outside for some air. Then her world is turned upside down when a man dressed in black puts a gun to her back and whispers in her ear, “Don’t make this difficult.”

So my story is told from the perspective of McKenzie, but I’m also thinking about having some of the chapters be told form the perspective of McKenzie’s captor.

Now that you have got some context and background, please, enjoy.


I’m pretty sure that my family is “that family.” We are the definition of cliché. A mom, a dad, a daughter, and son. Oh and don’t forget the dog. I mean come on we even have the stereotypical names. My dads name is Bob (for heaves sake who actually name there kid bob.) My moms name is sally, and my brothers name is Timmy. Oh and don’t forget the dogs name Rover. With how things are looking you would think that my name is Lucy or Mary, I’m so sorry to disappoint you but no my name is McKenzie. A big whoop whoop to strange parents and strange rules! Sorry I only meant to put strange in front of those…. ha ha uhhum.  Alright let me explain.  When my parents first got married they made a deal with my grandparents that they could name their fist child. PSA: I will not be making this deal with my parents. My luck my daughters name would be Sarah or my sons name would be Fred. Trust me I’ll pass.  Anyway when my mother found out she was pregnant with her first child, yours truly, she kept to her word and let her parents pick the name. McKenzie Joan Smith that’s my name. (Yup. My last name is Smith. Stop laughing.) Thank you grandma for not naming Jane Doe.


Well that’s  that! I know it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world but that’s what you get. I wish I could’ve shown you a creepier part but in order to do that it kind of needs to be written first…..

Well I hope you enjoyed this tiny piece of my story.

Until next time,


Start of my Novel

Dear Jerry, 

Here is a snippet of my novel that I would like to share with you. See if you can guess what my story line is 😉 


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl born to loving parents. This little girl’s name was Ella, most of you may know her as Cinderella. Most of you also know her as a sweet, loving, carefree girl because that is the only way the story has been told, that is about to change. 

Let me begin our story from the moment I met Ella, seems fitting. I met Ella not long after her mother passed, because her dad had grown rather fond of my mother. After a few short months, my my sister and I were devastated when we heard that our mother was going to marry Ella’s father. Because it did not take long for us to despise that girl. Her happiness disgusted me. Her smile is angering. And her positive outlook on everything is nauseating. Not to mention she’s really pretty so obviously I’m going to hate her. My first words to her were. I walked up to the doorstep of our new house and Ella was standing there waiting to greet us, it looked like she was talking to herself. “Strange girl” it thought to myself. 

“Hello!’ She greeted with a smile.

“Ahh. Ella so good to see you dear, where’s your father?” Mother said as she held out her hand waiting for help out of the carriage. 

Ella curtsied. I rolled my eyes in disgust at her, trying to kiss up already. As my Drizella and I walked past Ella into the large brick house, the little peasant curtsied to us as well. 

“Hm.” replied with my heads tilted upward, ignoring her being disgustingly polite. 

We walked inside and Ella’s father met us at the bottom of the stairwell, he gave us each a kiss on the hand. 

Mother had given us stern talking to on our ride over. We were to walk in, roam around every room to find ours, and leave. We wanted Ella’s room. It was the biggest, and obviously Drizella and I would be sharing a room, none of us wanted to stay with that peasant. 

Dear Jerry,
so I have to post a selection from my novel this week and I think it fair to give you a heads up that my novel is not great. During the month of November my inner editor is usually locked up or destroyed so you will have to excuse any typos or problems with my grammar.I hope you enjoy my very bad novel Jerry have fun reading.

Wait where am I? I don’t remember how I got here. I remember seeing that guy and… oh no… I think I’ve been kidnapped. I look around but I don’t see anything all I see is black. My hands feel like they are bound together with something. I wriggle my wrists and something scratchy digs into them. I think its rope. I have a gag in my mouth. I wriggle but my legs are bound together. My back is pressed against something cold and metal or maybe it’s dry wall I don’t know and I cant tell. I’m disoriented and my breathing is coming in rapid gasps. I just need to take a second to calm down and breath but the darkness seems to be closing in around me.I close my eyes, take a deep breath and refocus. I wriggle my hands again and realize that my wrists were sloppily bound the rope comes right off. Once I get the rope off I untie the rope binding my legs together. I stand, stretch out my stiff joints and take the gag out of my mouth. I slide my hands against the hard wall until I find a corner of the room. I slide my hands until I find the light switch and flip it on. I’m in a bight room filled with furniture. It seems almost like a bedroom but I don’t take enough time to get a good look. I exit the room silently and swiftly.

Well that was the beginning of my novel I hope you enjoyed it Jerry, until next time. Your bud


Because you probably haven’t read enough on the election..

Dear Jerry,

I am so sorry that I have not been writing you, lately the Marks’ house has been a mess to say the least. Anyway, my topic today is the election. Even though I am not legal to vote yet I would have voted for  Mr. Donald Trump. One of my biggest problems with the world we  live in today Jerry is that people kill little babies and call it something other than murder, when in fact murder is just what it is. Secretary Clinton wanted to make the law so that mothers could abort the baby at 8 months. To me that is appalling that people are actually okay with that, I mean the baby is totally functional by then. When a woman was trying to have a baby and is happy, people are always saying “congratulations on the baby!” and such, but when the woman gets pregnant on accident suddenly the term baby is changed to “fetus” and it’s okay to murder it. Now I understand that fetus is the scientific term but I just don’t think it is edifying to call a human being a fetus. I could go on and on about my stand on abortion but I will limit myself to that small rant. My point in all of that was that is why I would vote for Mr. Trump, he is pro-life and to me that is one of the most important things to look for in a candidate. I believe that in order to honor God in who we vote for, life is very important in Gods eyes, He loves His people. We should protect that. Mr. Trump also has a strong Christian as his Vice President. This is important because he may be able to talk Mr. Trump out of immoral decions and what not. Apparently in the last month Mr. Trump has accepted Christ, maybe that is why his last few speeches were more humble. If he did that is fantastic, if not, him and Mr.Pence will have a long four years together so maybe God will work in his heart.

Anyway Jerry, that’s all I’m gonna say on that topic. Until next time my little reptile friend.



Dear Jerry,
sorry my post is late Ive been pretty sick lately. But now that I am finally getting to write to you I have to tell you that this presidential election has been pretty crazy. There has been a lot of action going on with this election. I don’t think that either of the candidates were great choices to be our next president but out of the two candidates I think Donald Trump is the better choice. I’m not old enough to vote yet (barely missed it) but if I could vote I would have voted for him. I think that he is a better choice for many reasons. One of the big reasons I think this, is because Donald Trump is a business man and as much as people do not like to admit it America runs like a business. There are many things wrong with America and some of those things have to do with business issues like our national debt. I also agree with some of Trumps big policies. I like parts of his policies on immigration, gun control and abortion. I also like the fact that Trumps vice president Mike Pence is a christian. I think that it is great that Trump is a second amendment supporter and that’s another reason i would vote for him. This presidential election has caused lots of stress and anxiety for lots of people. I think that this election was one of the most important elections ever. I think it was important for a lot of reasons but a main one would be the fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have such strong opposing views. I am violently opposed to some of Hillary Clinton’s policies and views so that is another reason I would have voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Your bud


Hey Jerry! So tomorrow the world finds out who the next president of the United States will be. Ugh.  This entire election has been a mess, and the candidates we’ve been left to choose from are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ugh.

I’m only fifteen years old, so on the voting side of things my opinion doesn’t change  anything. But if I could vote I would vote for Donald Trump.

I think that he is the wiser choice out of the two candidates. There are many reasons I think that he’s the better choice but I’m only going to focous on abortion.

The definition of abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. In other words abortion is killing an unborn human baby.

One of the biggest things I look for in a leader, especially a president, is how they preserve life. This includes what there take is on abortion. One reason (out of many) why I cant (if I could) vote for Hillary is because she supports abortion. She thinks that a baby in the womb has no constitutional rights whatsoever.

How a person could vote for someone that thinks killing babies is ok is beyond me.

there are definetly more reasons why I wouldntvote for Hillary but I honestly just want this election, along with its drama, to be over with.

So Jerry I geuss until tomorrow we wait.

Until next time



The Election ?

Dear Jerry

I support Mr. Trump in this race for more than one reason. However before I go babbling on and on about why I think that Mr. Trump is better I think I should start by saying what I think about Secretary Clinton. She has been under investigation by the F.B.I. for multiple reasons and multiple times as well. She says one thing and then does another. Her so called Clinton foundation has received money from countries who mistreat woman in ways that she says she is trying to stop. EMAILS or lack there of. She supports the Idea of allowing pregnant woman to abort their babies any time they no longer want them. After that she then says she is in support of helping children and that EVERY child has the right to live. She wants to increase taxes and then she says that in doing so she will help small businesses. When in reality if you increase taxes small businesses will suffer the most from that change. Did I mention the EMAILS?

Now why would I ever support some one whose so called favorite saying is “you’re fired!” as some movie actors would claim. I would support one thousand Donald Trumps before even thinking of thinking of thinking of supporting even half of a Hillary Clinton. The reason for this is because what Mr. Trump is saying actually makes sense. Look at what he is saying if he were to build a wall to add an extra layer of security for the American people. At the same time still allowing Immigrants to enter into our country through a solid process it would work. If you were to lower the taxes you could give people better opportunities to follow their dreams and help those with lower income. Small businesses would thrive and there would be more jobs for everyone who needed them. Now I’m not saying he has a perfect plan I’m just saying that he has a really well thought out plan that if put together properly could in effect MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Also he hasn’t deleted his EMAILS did I already mention that? EMAILS EEEMAAAIIILSSSS.

This Election

Hey Jerry!

This year has given us one of the most contentious presidential elections ever, arguably, in the history of our nation. The race between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton has been absurd on so many levels, but the ridiculousness doesn’t end there. Campaigns for the House and Senate have been quite ugly as well. In the midst of all this, the American people must make a decision on who will be the leaders of our country for the years to come.

I personally have found this election very saddening. It should also be an eye-opener to American citizens. Do we really think these candidates will be a good representation of the United States and its people to the rest of the world? Are we able to trust either of them as president? Why are we putting all of our faith in politicians to fix the country’s problems?

Both candidates have very dubious pasts and new reports are constantly adding to the massive sea of lies and deceit. Sadly, this is what we have to choose from. We must be able to thoroughly examine those past encounters. With the media always feeding us conflicting views and remarks it has become extremely hard to tell what is factual. At the same time, we cannot get caught up in the candidates past and ignore their stances and policies on today’s important issues. After all, we do not decide a president solely judging his or her personal history.

As for who I support… Technically, it doesn’t matter who I support since I am not old enough to vote this year, but since this is the topic for this week I will share my opinion. As a Christian, I believe that the most important attribute to look for in a presidential candidate is their stance on the sanctity of human life. With that being said, I personally think Donald Trump is the better option for president. Hillary Clinton is very outspokenly pro-choice and, if she became president, would make sure that abortion is protected and that Planned Parenthood is funded by the government. That is something we cannot allow. That would be millions more babies killed over the course of her term.

In the end, we must realize that these two candidates are sinners just like us. In God’s eyes the sins we commit are just as bad as all the sins they have committed. The best action we can take right now is pray. Pray for our country. Pray for the hearts of the candidates. Pray for all the voters. We cannot put all our faith in politicians to fix our problems because if we do that, we will always be left thinking, “Why can’t they do this?” or “Why didn’t they fix that?” We need to put our trust in Christ because He is in control and He is the one who appoints the leaders of the world. Through all the ugliness of this election we are able to stand firm knowing that the Lord holds the hearts of the rulers.

Hope you enjoyed this long post of politics.