Hello Internet

Hello everyone! It finally happened, I’m of age. I now must write on “the blog.” Throughout my years of one room I’ve heard the moans, sighs, and horror stories that have come from the word “blog.” No joke. Just say the word in class and fear is struck in the souls of the high schoolers. I have hope because there has been survivors, the graduated seniors. Yes, they may have survived but the affect of the blog seems to be permanent. Personally I am quite excited to be able to express thoughts, feelings, and assignments on the internet, but we’ll see how long this feeling lasts.

At this point I still need almost two-hundred words so let me tell you what happened during break…

It all started because the Bergquist kids brought tuna for lunch. So we take it to the kitchen and proceed to make the tuna. We opened the can, drained the juice, dumped tuna in the bowl, added mayonnaise, stired  it up, put it on bread, and ta-da! Tuna sandwich. Astonished by what just occurred Caroline says in a loud voice, “what are you doing?!?!?” Confused Stephen replied, “making a tuna sandwich.” disgusted Caroline proceeds to say, “You did it the wrong way.” Stephen, quite flabbergasted at the fact that someone thought he did something wrong replied, “how are you supposed to do it the .” Caroline then proudly declares what she thinks is the correct way to make a tuna sandwich. “First you toast the bread. Then take your bread, put the mayonnaise on the bread, then put the tuna on the bread. Boom! You have the perfect tuna sandwich.” Stephen being quite confused, disgusted, and (probably) offended strongly told Caroline, “What?!?!?” They continue to jokingly (but not really) argue about how the “proper” way to make the sandwich is, they bring it back to the classroom.

Seeing that neither one of them will succeed atconvince the other, they take it to our fellow class mates. Mya, Stephanie, and myself agreed with Stephen’s theory that you mix your tuna and mayo separately, leaving Caroline by herself in her opinion.

Overhearing the conversation Miss Grace, being the wonderful teacher she is, wants to help. They both prepose their thought process and leave miss grace to decide. She, like everyone else (in the entire world), agreed with Stephen, leaving Caroline,again with zero followers. The argument continued but then was hindered by the time which read 11:35.

That is the end of the story. For now. Because neither competitor  will except defeat.

Well the end of that story brings me to the end of my first blog.

Goobye internet! Until next time😝


Hello there Jerry

Hello there Jerry I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. Here we are another school year and by the looks of it it’s gonna be a great year too. There’s not much to talk about yet but don’t worry I’ll figure out something. So I’m supposed to tell you all about me, me, me. And I’m not really sure what to talk about. How about my goal for this year. Alright well It’s pretty simple in fact. All That I want to do this year is dedicate myself to my school work and avoid goofing off. I would also like to stick up for the little guys whomever that may be in any situation. I know it sounds pretty cliche but I want to accomplish something this year besides being apart of a play that the whole school pulls off successfully. Well that’s pretty much it so for now this is Adam Gillispie Signing Off Boom!

um what

Hey Jerry,

Well, here we are again. Another year of school. Wow. I am so enthused. lol sike. No, but for real though, I’m very glad this is my last year of high school. So, as my first blog assignment of the year, I’ve been told to reintroduce myself to our new readers.

Hi, I’m that other Hannah. I am a senior this year. I’ve been causing prob- I mean, attending One Room for three years now. I grew up in the forests of Mirkwood- wait no, the swampland of Florida but I’ve been living in Northern Virginia for almost 6 years. I am an INTJ and lover of science. I’m also a full-time geek and very amateur cosplayer. Watching Netflix is my favorite pastime. I also enjoy gaming, crafting, reading, listening to metal (so #edgy, I know), and hunting Pokemon. So yeah. I may not seem like the most interesting human being in the world, but let’s just say that’s my strategy so people don’t discover my secret identity. (heh heh) If for some weird reason you want to know a little more about me, feel free to read my other posts. Although I must warn you, some of my older ones are a bit, uh, cringe-worthy and ill-informed. Reader discretion is advised.

And with that, I should probably end this post here before I sound like a narcissist. :b I look forward to writing you again in a few weeks, Jerry.


-Hannah M.

Hello again

Hey Jerry guess who’s back at it? Yup you guessed right its me! None other than the SENIOR Caroline Barley. I know you know who I am Jerry but just in case other people don’t I’m going to give you some basic information about me.My name is Caroline I’m the youngest of five and I have an adorable nephew named Jay. I have been a part of One Room since the very beginning and have always enjoyed the opportunity I have to go there. Some basics, I live on what you could call a farm. I have chickens,dogs,cats,fish,guinea pigs,rabbits,and brand new puppies that were just born a couple of days ago. I love to fish and hunt and camp, my second home is the woods and I enjoy going down to my camp in the Everglades whenever I can. I love hanging out with all my friends and going on grand adventures. I love to read,draw,sing(by myself where no one can here me:P) and yes I know its weird but I love to run. I also play basketball and this will be my third year. My summer was great and I had some great adventures and made some incredible memories. I’m really looking forward to my Senior year and just hoping I don’t die from too much homework:) I’m really looking forward to being able to spend my last year with you Jerry. We’ve come a long way. I still remember that first day like it was yesterday. Its good to talk to you again. your bud
– Carrie


Dear Jerry,

I’m back, but not for long. I’m a senior! I’m sure you remember me, but for the new readers out there I guess I’ll introduce myself…well also because it was assigned.  My name is Mya and I’m a senior at One Room Learning. I have been going to One Room since day one. I grew up in Michigan but moved to Cape Coral about ten years ago. I love to ride and train horses, I have been doing that for about ten years as well. I also play basketball for the Lady Ambassadors, this will be my sixth season on the team and I’m excited to see what my last year is going to a be like. My favorite subject in school is probably science. My least favorite is math…I despise math. Although grammar can be right up there with math sometimes. My favorite foods are bacon, pizza, and spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream, with like the chunks of peanut butter…..so good. My favorite superhero is Batman, and hats also my nickname.

Well these are a few things about me, until next time!